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Hello, all

This is where callmejude will be keeping all of her writings, most of which will be fanfiction. Due to the fact that I always forget to mark each story individually, let me say now:




Title: Mine
Pairing: Hermann/Newton
Rating: NC-17
Summary: written for the prompt "While messing around in the lab, Newt comes into contact with some weird kaiju thing that causes him to start lactating. Being Newt, he's probably morbidly fascinated, but soon realizes it's probably not a good idea to be working with toxic things and leaking everywhere, so he finds a way to suppress it.

Except then he gets all swollen and sore and, once he's more or less at his wit's end, he begs Hermann to... "help him out", so to speak."

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"Into a White and Soundless Place"

Title: Into a White and Soundless Place
Pairing: Newton/Hermann
Rating: NC-17
Summary: written for the kink meme prompt: "In most of the fics I've read for this pairing, Newt is the one kind of driving the relationship. I'd like to see the opposite. Something where Hermann is the one who courts Newt/flaunts their relationship/asks Newt to stay with him."
A/N: somehow this became a sequel to this fic. I'm sorry, I don't mean to force all my stuff on people but I actually was kinda proud of how that one turned out and felt it needed more to it. Which is rare, I hate writing sequels.
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"After the Rockets Calm"

Title: After the Rockets Calm
Pairing: Newton/Hermann
Rating: PG
Summary: written for the kink meme prompt: "The morning after Newt and Hermann sleep together for the first time, Hermann comes over all ridiculously British and can't cope with the intimacy and loss of inhibition. Newt is having none of that nonsense and tells him to quit fussing and come back to bed for snuggles."
A/N: Kelty stop writing Hermann/Newt fics as the sun comes up it's starting to be weird.
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Title: I'm Glad We Got Burned (Think of All the Things We Learned)
Pairing: Newton/Hermann
Rating: PG-13
Summary: written for the kink meme prompt: "While recording himself the first time he went to drift with the kaiju brain, Newt said something along the lines of "and Hermann, if I'm dead, in which case it's YOUR fault and HA, I STILL win!" I want fic of Hermann finding this particular recording and being really upset that Newt's potential last message to him could have involved blaming him for his death, even in a non-serious fashion. So he goes to find Newt. Because Newt has some explaining to do.
A/N: I wrote that other one and then was like "hey but what if in all the commotion Hermann didn't find the recording until after the events of the movie? How would that change things? Apparently it changes them a lot, so I wrote about it.
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"They Say It's Your Birthday"

Title: They Say It's Your Birthday
Pairing: Hermann/Newt
Rating: PG
Summary: for the kink meme prompt: These two have worked together for many years, and obviously have had to continue working through special occasions, including their birthdays. I know they strongly disliked each other, but deep down they are good friends and I'd love to see anything (slashy or friendshippy) showing how they acknowledge or celebrate birthdays. I'm betting Newt is secretly into baking and Hermann comes in one day on his birthday not expecting anyone to even know, only to find a Kaiju shaped cake on his desk with a sparkler or a candle stuck messily in the centre. Or or or Newt comes in on his 30th birthday and he's like depressed and absurdly quiet for the day cause he's not ready to be that old and Hermann realizes why he's being all docile so he takes off at lunch only to return with pizza and stuff to cheer Newt up and celebrate his birthday. OR YOU KNOW ANYTHING YOU WANT.
A/N: 4am and I have got to stop meeting like this.
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"Thank You"

Title: Thank You
Paring: Dean/Castiel
Rating: G
Summary: Dean's always had nightmares.
Notes: To my darling sophialefroy, who stayed up to read this monstrosity and actually seems to like it |D
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"Kept Behind Closed Doors"

Title: Kept Behind Closed Doors
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Rating: PG 13
Summary: Written for Whitney, based on her gifsets (1and 2.)
Notes: I hope you like this! In all honesty it's been far too long since I've written and finished fic, and it's been YEARS since I've written anything for Marververse. I just hope this little snippit lives up to any expectations you had. :) If any more get written, I promise they'll be better. <3
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"No Need Coming Back for What He Already Had"

Title: No Need Coming Back for What He Already Had
Pairing: Eduardo/Mark
Rating: R
Summary: Written for the kink meme prompt "You don't think Wardo was involved, do you? I mean, do you think...

But what if that was a lie? What if Mark realized that Sean wouldn't be good for the company in the long run and he and Eduardo planned Sean's downfall? What if the share dilution was a plot to fool Sean?"
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Title: Fixated
Pairing: Eduardo/Mark
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Written for this prompt in the kink meme: "Mark has an oral fixation that's kind of ridiculous. He's always got something in his mouth, right? Candy, dart... Eduardo's cock? I need Eduardo realizing how bad Mark's "problem" is and really using that to his advantage. It'd be really hot if Eduardo doesn't touch Mark or let him touch himself and has him get off solely by using his mouth on Eduardo."
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"Always Been Mine"

Title: Always Been Mine
Pairing: Eduardo/Mark
Rating: R
Summary: Written for this prompt in the kink meme: "Sean (semi)-accidentally sees Eduardo and Mark going at it, and Eduardo looks up and sees him there and takes the opportunity to demonstrate that Mark is his (making Mark moan Eduardo's name, leaving physical reminders on Mark's skin). Mark is completely oblivious to Sean's presence, and in his blissful, fucked out haze is all intimate and affectionate and pretty soon Eduardo's forgotten Sean lurking in the shadows and Sean is left feeling discomforted, like he just saw something incredibly personal, and also really fucking horny. Something set post-canon/post-depositions would be wonderful.." It's also kind of a companion prequel to ""Call Me" because I liked their relationship in it. XD
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