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This is where callmejude will be keeping all of her writings, most of which will be fanfiction. Due to the fact that I always forget to mark each story individually, let me say now:



"No Need Coming Back for What He Already Had"

Title: No Need Coming Back for What He Already Had
Pairing: Eduardo/Mark
Rating: R
Summary: Written for the kink meme prompt "You don't think Wardo was involved, do you? I mean, do you think...

But what if that was a lie? What if Mark realized that Sean wouldn't be good for the company in the long run and he and Eduardo planned Sean's downfall? What if the share dilution was a plot to fool Sean?"
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Show Me Your Teeth

Title: Show Me Your Teeth
Pairing: Conrad/Worth
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: AU, lots of sex. Um. Really long, so I'm sorry in advance. Yeah. Also, I may have had a ~little too much fun with the online Australian Slang Dictionary. I hope not. :x
Summary: Written after my friend and I saw this picture. Yeeah, apparently everything I write for this fandom has to be based off of drawings. XD
Dedication: Written for my lovely friend and patient beta, violent_aki, who would NOT let me put this on the backburner. I'm blaming her if I fail French. (XD JUST KIDDING, DEAR.)
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Weird Kid [collection of drabbles]

Title: Weird Kid
Pairing: Sheldon/Leonard
Rating: PG
Warnings: Drabbles. Fluff, angsty bits, au-kidfc, etc.
Summary: CHALLENGE: Pick a novel (or book), preferably one of more than 100 pages in length, and take the first (full) sentence off of the top of page; 10, 20, 30, 40 & ect. Until you have ten (or thereabouts) quotes. Take said ten (or so) quotes and write drabbles based on them. You can use the whole quote, or just a section, even a word – all that matters is that you stay faithful to the first sentence part of the challenge.
A/N: I wrote these to help me cope with the other fic I'm currently writing. XD I like doing it with kid books. It feels comfortingly perverse. Or something. Anyway, I used Loser, by Jerry Spinelli – I did this same one for the House fandom, which is why I did it for Big Bang (easy accessibility). I am not making that mistake again. XD If I do this challenge for this fandom again, I’m using Star Trek novels or something, because wow. This was TOUGH. Anyway. Without further ado...
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Have Your Cake

Title: Have Your Cake
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: House/Wilson
Warnings: An alternate take on Wilson's Heart. It's also unbeta'd and I know very little of medicine, so there aren't a lot of details on anything...medical. Forgive me. XD;
Notes: Written for bedawyn
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Even if it Kills Me

Title: Even if it Kills Me
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: House/Wilson, if you squint
Warnings: angst, crossover (Dead Poets Society), unbeta'd (sorry!)
Notes: written for djlover32, inspired by this video.
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Role Model

Title: Role Model
Pairing: None
Rating: PG
Notes: Yeah, I got a bit sick of people saying they wish it had been Perce. Not that I don't agree, but people are getting a tad too mean about it for my blood. The only Weasley that deserves to be hated is Ginny. Anyway, as a result, this is what I came up with instead of sleeping the night before an early morning class! Horray! :D
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Holy crap. So I was lying in bed, ready to fall asleep, and I was all proud of myself for uploading Void, and then all of a sudden Leave Out All The Rest by Linkin Park came on, and that first line played, so this thought came to me. I'm really tired and all, right, so I try to ignore it, but it basically wrote itself completely in my head, so I got up, turned my computer back on, and wrote it, because it seriously took less time to write and upload this story than it would've taken for me to fall asleep trying to ignore it. XD;;

Title: Heartbeat
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: PG
Pairing: Fred/George
Warnings: I'd call it AU, but this was never proven incorrect in the book, so I'll pretend its cannon. Har har.
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