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Consult Your Doctor

Title: Consult Your Doctor
Pairing: Conrad/Worth
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Worth speaking like Worth, sex, drugged vampires.
Summary: Written because I saw this and this in the same twenty-five seconds and my mind ran with it. That's right, more fic based on art. Guys, I have no originality left. Haha.
Written for: violent_aki

Conrad doesn’t remember anything about the first time he bit Worth. He admits that after the initial bite, all he can fully recall is waking up at 3:30 the next afternoon with a headache, fresh blood in his system and a horrifying dose of reality that raised too many questions to ask.

Conrad doesn’t remember, but Worth does. After all, while amphetamines, methylphenidate and alprazolam in the average man’s system all at once can have some dire effects, to Luce Worth, it was just a Wednesday.

To be fair, the bite was entirely unanticipated. Worth probably wouldn’t have subjected Conrad to that sort of thing had he known the man was going to bite him. But how could he have known? Conrad had never bitten him before, and they were only teasing each other as per usual, Conrad fuming in the doorway as Worth leaned back and watched him indolently from his office chair.

But apparently, Conrad had been a tad hungrier than he was accustomed. Maybe he could smell the somewhat fresh cuts on Worth’s tightly bandaged arms. Or maybe he had just gotten back from a really bad day and his temper was shorter than usual. Whatever it was, suddenly, laughing at the faggot and calling him “Vampira” was the last straw.

Conrad swore heatedly and lunged, latching violently onto Worth’s neck and sucking deep and fast without warning.

Worth tensed, the pain blazing through him like flame to linen. It engulfed him in a manner of seconds, throbbing with an intoxicating ache as Conrad drank. Worth’s eyes rolled back in his head and his hand automatically reached up to clench in Conrad’s hair. “Fuck yes,” he moaned, his eyes rolling back slightly in his head, “Yer not such a little bitch, after all, eh?”

Worth couldn’t even be bothered to think about any possible repercussions until he felt Conrad’s vigor begin to taper off. As he pulled away, Worth could feel it in his movements—his reaction time slowed and fuzzy. “Oh, shit,” Worth grumbled to himself before pulling Conrad back to look at him. “Sorry there, Fagula, I was havin’ a little fun before you came in.”

Conrad was staring blankly at Worth’s neck, his eyes following the thin trail of blood running down to his collarbone. He sounded dizzy when he finally managed, “Huh?”

Worth chuckled. “My blood’s probably a tad…strong for ya, yeah?”

Conrad blinked slowly, licking his lips. “You’re…um…still bleeding,” he pointed out, his voice sleepy. He reached up and swiped the blood from Worth’s shoulder, seemingly entranced by the way it coated his fingers.

Worth watched him with a smirk. “Ya all right, Confag?” he asked, ruffling his fingers through Conrad’s hair.

Conrad nodded, drawing his bloody fingers into his mouth. “I…um…yeah,” he grumbled around his fingertips. “Yeah, I’m…”

“Yeah, ya look it,” Worth said sarcastically, laughing. “Yer such a fuckin’ lightw…what’re ya doin’?”

Conrad had leaned forward and was intermittently licking the running wound and peppering light kisses over this throat. He lifted a hand and grabbed onto Worth’s hair, holding him in place as he dragged his teeth tantalizingly over Worth’s jugular. Worth’s breath caught in his throat, a tremor of excitement rolling down his spine. He shook his head. “Okay, we might want to get you to bed or sommot, ‘cause—”

“Okay,” Conrad interrupted, his voice unnaturally soft and deep against Worth’s neck. The hand in Worth’s hair slid down to the collar of his shirt and ripped down the center, pulling it off of Worth in one fluid motion.

“Hey!” Worth shouted, more out of shock than anything else before realizing himself and softening his tone. “Heyyy,” he tried again, a hint of a laugh bubbling to the surface as Conrad began struggling with his own clothes. Worth instinctively placed a hand over the bleeding holes in his throat. “Look, yer undead, so ya won’t OD, but yer still pretty fucked, so—”

Conrad wasn’t listening. Throwing his discarded sweater vest and polo to join Worth’s ripped shirt, he nipped teasingly at Worth’s fingers until they dropped away and allowed him to go back to attentively nibbling at Worth’s neck, grabbing Worth’s shoulders. “Want you,” Conrad growled against his ear.

“All right, that’s it,” Worth grumbled, “Geroff.” He shoved hard at Conrad’s chest, but Conrad didn’t comply, and the restricted force was too much for the battered office chair on which they were both haphazardly balanced. The chair tilted dangerously before the back finally snapped away from the rest of the seat and the two of them collapsed onto the floor with a loud, clattering crash.

“Goddamnit, Fagula, this chair was fuckin’ expensive,” Worth hissed under his breath. It was probably true in 1988 when the thing was purchased, but if Worth were honest with himself, he couldn’t really remember. Not that it made him any less angry to suddenly need a new chair.

“I’m sorry,” Conrad cooed apologetically, nuzzling gently against Worth’s neck.

“Oh, shuddup and get the hell off me, ya fuckin’ fairy faggot,” he snapped, turning slightly in Conrad’s arms to push him away again. Conrad smiled lazily at him before leaning down and taking Worth’s mouth in his own.

Worth grunted, but Conrad’s fang dragged over Worth’s bottom lip, spilling tangy, coppery blood into the kiss, which made them both dizzy and slightly entranced. When Conrad finally pulled away, Worth licked his lip and muttered, “Yer gonna regret this, yanno.” He watched Conrad drag his tongue languidly over the stray blood on Worth’s fingers and snickered, “If ya remember it, anyway.”

“Mm,” Conrad purred, nipping a little roughly at the pad of Worth’s finger and grinning when Worth’s laugh caught in his chest.

“Either way, ya ain’t gonna fool no one with yer ‘I’m not gay’ spiel anymore, are ya?”

“Neither will you,” Conrad grumbled flippantly, sinking his fang into a spot just under Worth’s collarbone.

Worth moaned, his head hitting the floor with a thud as he ran his hand up and down Conrad’s shivering back. “I never lied ‘bout my interests, Fagula. I fuck what I wanna fuck. Ain’t a difference to me.”

Conrad pulled away and lapped desperately at the tiny hole in Worth’s chest. When the bleeding stopped, he watched Worth’s excited pulse beat through the veins standing out starkly just under his pale, paper-thin skin. Licking his lips, Conrad dipped his head back into a kiss, his other hand fumbling with Worth’s pants.

“Right,” Conrad breathed against Worth’s mouth. “I get you. So I’m gonna fuck what I wanna fuck,” he licked the drying blood at the corner of Worth’s mouth. “Sound good?”

Worth grinned against Conrad’s lips, stopping the hand at his pants momentarily to pull something out of his pocket. When he brought it up to where Conrad could see it, he realized it was a scalpel. He used it to slice through the medical tape at his arms, shaking them free so that Conrad could see the clotted scratches among the many scars crisscrossed along his forearms.

“Have at it, Fagula,” Worth snarled, “I’d like to see ya try.”

Eager to take the challenge, Conrad tore Worth’s jeans from his legs. Worth jumped slightly, his grin still stretched across his face. “Should get ya high more often, Connie,” he said, letting a little of his arousal slip into his voice.

Conrad wasn’t listening, his fang scraping down Worth’s chest as his tongue lapped at the spilling blood. Worth’s breath caught slightly. He didn’t know if it was just the pills finally kicking in for once or if being bitten by a vampire was just better than all that, but his head was positively reeling.

“Nn…fuck, Connie,” Worth managed, meaning to tease him in some way about being unnecessarily feminine with the foreplay, but before he could even work the words out of his mouth, Conrad seemed to read his mind.

“Plan to,” Conrad hissed a little drunkenly, grabbing Worth’s sharp hips and dragging him forward in a single brutal, smooth motion.

AH, FUCK! GODDAMNSHITFUCK,” Worth shouted through one hard breath, his hands flailing out from behind him and snatching desperately at Conrad’s hair. The pain seared through him like a sword slicing along the inside of his spine, making his every nerve scream in perfect agony. It was fantastic. “Shit, Fagula,” Worth hissed in his ear, scratching a red, striped pattern down Conrad’s neck.

Conrad moaned against Worth’s skin, pinning him to the floor with an impulsive slam as he thrust into him in a hard, fast rhythm. Worth wrapped his legs around Conrad’s waist and clawed blindly at Conrad as he drank deeply, fucking him almost maliciously into the filthy floorboards. He was probably making quite a bit more noise than he usually allowed himself, but he hadn’t had it this fucking good in such a long time that he didn’t even care.

The blood loss was beginning to make him lightheaded, and Conrad seemed to be able to tell, pulling away with the intent to watch Worth’s face him until he came, his fingers clenching hard in Worth’s hair and tugging back hard enough to send Worth over the edge shortly after.

The silence afterwards was physically ringing which made Worth realize just how loud they were actually being. Conrad, no longer requiring the mortal necessity of breathing, simply stared blinking rapidly at the pattern of fresh gashes and bites decorating Worth’s skin.”Christ,” he said finally, his voice still managing to sound a little breathless.

Worth laughed—though, considering he still found it essential to breathe, it came out more like a series of gasping huffs—and dropped the arms nested in Conrad’s hair to the floor beside him. “Fuckin’…serious,” he finally spat.

Conrad was still obviously woozy, and as he pulled out of Worth he stumbled slightly, falling back onto his heels. He blinked a few more times before crashing to the floor. Worth laughed again, shoving him hard and slurring as forcefully as he could, “Oi, I may be a lazy slob, but I don’ sleep on the damn floor. C’mon, ya junkie blood-sucker, geddup.”

“M’not sleeping,” Conrad protested grumpily, getting shakily to his feet and following Worth woozily to his bedroom. Worth looked him over once as they stood at the foot of the lumpy mattress on the floor that Worth deemed bed-worthy before shoving him gently in the chest, chuckling as he collapsed hard onto the mattress.

“Get some sleep, Fagula, yer gonna wake up with quite the headache tomorrow, m’sure,” he said with a devilish little grin on his face.

Conrad was probably asleep before Worth was even finished talking. With a roll of his eyes, Worth crawled onto the other side and pulled the ratty blanket over them and falling asleep.

He woke up before Conrad the next afternoon, yawning with a stretch and leaning over to his teetering bookshelf to pull out a random book and snatch his reading glasses, flipping the book open and reading contentedly as he leaned his back lazily against the wall. He figured he’d wait for Conrad before actually getting up.

He didn’t have to wait long. Thirty minutes later, there was a loud scream, followed by the thunk of Conrad flying out of the bed and onto the floor. Worth glanced over at Conrad’s flailing arms as he sat back up and stared at the fresh mutilation of Worth’s flesh.

Worth grinned as it seemed to dawn on him, his face paling even more than average and his jaw dropping open. “Wh—wha…I…what…” was all he seemed capable of forcing past his throat.

Worth turned his head to face him fully, beaming and adjusted the glasses on his nose. “Mornin’, princess,” he purred evilly, “Regret anythin’ yet?”


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Jul. 31st, 2010 07:41 pm (UTC)
For meeeee?! D'aww, you. ♥

(Yes, I am going to comment everywhere. And then I'm going to pimp all your fics on tumblr come Monday. *nod nod*)
Jul. 31st, 2010 07:47 pm (UTC)
Of course it's for you. It was meant to be your other fic, after all. XD And goodness, I dunno if it deserves pimping on the Tumblr, but thank you very much. ♥

(sure you don't just want to tell Creole about it to avoid any of teh drama that having slash on a day that isn't ~slash Saturday~ may bring?)
Jul. 31st, 2010 07:51 pm (UTC)
Oh pfffft, whatever, they can deal with it. It's not that hard to scroll past a post you don't wanna read. Besides, we've actually been getting a lot of requests to REVIVE the slash, so if that's what the people want... I mean, I'm happy to lose a follower or two if they're going to bitch about it THAT much. Who needs 'em?
Jul. 31st, 2010 08:06 pm (UTC)
THAT'S the spirit of the internet! XD -thumbs up-
Aug. 1st, 2010 03:22 am (UTC)
HNNG> I loved it on DA and i loved it here. Write more plox!
Aug. 1st, 2010 03:42 am (UTC)
-blush- I currently have like, 4 unfinished fics, so hopefully they'll get around to being finished, soon, too. XDD;;
Aug. 2nd, 2010 12:02 am (UTC)
GAH! Perfection!
Dark, bloody, funny as only Worth can be and HOT!
Now THIS is how the canon story should happen!
Aug. 2nd, 2010 12:09 am (UTC)
Goodness gracious, I don't consider myself brill enough for canon story, but thank you so much! 83

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